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  1. Elena SHUMAKOVA, Tver

    Sow this year, brown tomatoes. True, there is very little place in the greenhouse. Most likely, I will land them in the open ground. Will I be able to get a normal harvest?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Cultivation of tomatoes with a dark (black, brown) coloring of fruits is not fundamentally different from cultivating their red-faced cousins. However, among professional agronomists there is an opinion that these varieties have low germination, slow growth and maturation, as well as vulnerability to fungal infections. To prevent disease, it is necessary that the plants are well ventilated. That is, it is recommended to plant bushes away from each other, tie them up and remove the lower leaves.

      Unusual coloring of dark tomatoes is manifested only with full nutrition, and therefore, you must strictly adhere to the rules of dressing, which are necessary for each particular variety.

  2. Alexander UHTAREV, city of Orel

    In order not to get confused, where is a sort of tomato growing, I signed the name on wooden props. But then the wife came up with a more convenient way.

    It is necessary to take old clothes of bright colors and cut into strips. Then plants of each sort are tied with rags of a certain color. The main thing is not to forget to write down in a notebook what kind of color a piece of color was tied.

    And the tags are no longer needed! If you look at the garden, it is clear from afar where what is growing.

  3. Anna KHOROSHUNOVA, Omsk

    Our little daughter is allergic to red fruits and vegetables, so specially for her grow yellow cherry.

    Ripe fruit is so delicious and sweet that it eats them with appetite. And we love them very much. Cherry beautifully look not only in salads, but also in blanks for which I take a little immature fruit.

    My husband and I tried to grow several varieties of yellow cherry. Most of all we liked the Yellow date, Honey drop, Yellow cherry.
    Fruits of the yellow date really look like a date, they are delicious,
    well stored. The variety yields good harvests both in the open ground and under cover. In height, the plants reach 1,5 m, so we tie them to the support.
    Need a garter and grade Honey drop, which can grow to 2 m. I like it not only for sweet fruits, but also for the fact that plants do not need to patronize.
    Honey drop is resistant to disease.
    Yellow cherry is also a tall variety. Many brushes are formed on the bushes, completely strewn with yellow fruits the size of a little more than cherries.


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