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  1. Lyudmila Rodionova

    In April she bought strawberries from Chamora Turusi and San Andreas. Immediately planted seedlings in the ground at a distance of 40 cm from each other under the shelter. She looked after all the other bushes, cut off her mustache, and fed her well. The whole strawberry blossomed and fruited, and these varieties did not even bloom, only the bushes became powerful and gave a lot of mustaches. What is the reason?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Chamorus Turusi is a large-berry variety popular in the west of Ukraine. Variety San Andreas received in the US in the state of California, refers to the repair. In our latitudes these varieties have not been sufficiently studied, therefore, it is difficult to name the reasons for their lack of fruiting and give recommendations on cultivation. Advice for the future: do not buy non-zoned varieties of unknown producers!
      Natalia KUHARCHIC, Doctor of Science


    About two years ago I bought strawberries mustache on the market. From this seedling, good bushes grew, which gave a high yield of large and tasty berries. But last year, the ambassador of the first gathering on the plants began to turn red, the ovaries dry up, and then the leaves turned brown and dried. I ask you to determine how sick the plants are and how to treat them.

    • OOO "Sad"

      In recent years, strawberries have become ill with many ailments. The nature of the lesion indicates a possible disease of strawberries with such diseases: brown or angular leaf spot (eitioia), leaf ripening (dendrofomosis).

      Prevention and treatment of diseases is the cultivation of resistant varieties to these diseases and in providing plants with good nutrition.
      Pruning, collection and burning in the fall and early spring of old, diseased (withered) leaves.
      Spraying plants with copper-containing preparations: 1% Bordeaux fluid, Blue Bordeaux, Cuproxat, Horus. Champion.

      These same drugs should also be used for the prevention and control of other leaf spots of strawberry leaf: brown spot, white spotting »(ramulary), septorrhoea.
      The first spraying is carried out in the spring at the beginning of leaf regrowth; the second - before flowering (during the isolation of flower buds); the third - immediately after harvesting; the fourth (with a strong development of the disease) - 12-14 days after the previous one.

  3. Irina VESELOVA

    Everyone knows that planting strawberries, you can not deepen the heart. To prevent this from happening, I do this: when I cut my mustache, I leave the stalker more authentic.

    I make a hole, straighten the roots in it, and put the stalk at the edge of the hole and fall asleep on the ground.
    If the mustache is purchased, then instead of the stem, I bend one sheet to the edge of the hole and sprinkle it - so the heart does not go deep and perfectly engraft. Planting is mulching with spruce litter.


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