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  1. Elena KIRYASHINA, Ulyanovsk

    I really like greens and especially a lettuce. From the varieties I distinguish the curly salad of Lollo Biond, the early-ripe Sandwich and Emerald, the bright-burgundy Gluttonous.

    Lettuce is a photophilous plant. In addition, it withstands small frosts, which means that it can be sown at the very beginning of the summer season and until late autumn. A salad grows quickly - from 30 to 100 days (depending on the variety).
    I prepare the garden bed in advance, the soil should be nutritious and loose. For 1 square. m add half a bucket of humus, 1 tbsp. l nitrofoski and dig. I divide the garden into 2 parts, I sow the first immediately, and the second - later
    2 weeks. This method allows you to harvest gradually.
    Sow the seeds dry in the grooves. Then I tamp the crops and pour them with warm water. Shoots appear within a week, and when the seedlings reach 2-3 cm, I spend thinning. Planting a salad needs weeding, loosening between rows and watering - better by sprinkling.
    Leaf salad, if you remove it with roots and put in a pan with water in the refrigerator, you can store a week. If there is a lot of salad, I divide it into leaves and pack it in plastic bags. So you can store the product in the refrigerator until 3-4 weeks.

  2. Anna Maksimovna Saltanova, Klintsy, Bryansk region.

    This seasonal salad is for the whole season, so that it is always fresh on the table. First, I soak for a day in a solution of "Epin-extra" (2 drops on a glass of water). I wrap it in a hebash wet cloth, put it in a warm place in the kitchen and wait for it to peck. I open the rag, I dry the seeds a little, so that they become loose, and I immediately plant a line on the bed.

  3. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Salad from seeds in the early spring on a window sill is difficult to grow, so I buy a salad in pots in a regular supermarket, cut off the leaves and use them for food, and put the roots together with a pot into the water. When new white roots appear, transplant the salad into a container with fertile soil.

    In late March - early April, when the sun begins to shine brighter and longer, I grow lettuce from seeds. I like the Lollo Ross variety - its leaves are crunchy, very decorative, it is resistant to flowering.

  4. Maria GOROHOVA, city of Vladimir

    Lettuce can be sown in the ground almost immediately after thawing the ground. But, unfortunately, the earliest varieties are leafy with an oily consistency of leaves. And most of all I like crunchy cabbage varieties, especially the classic Iceberg. It grows slower than leaf lettuce, so I grow it through seedlings to get an early harvest. I sow seeds one at a time in peat cassettes in mid-April.

    First, the shoots require room heat, then gradually I accustom the seedlings to coolness so that it can be planted in the ground in early May under light shelter. It is very important at an early stage to ensure constant soil moisture, but without excess - the indoor shoots of the salad are very tender and easily rot.
    I transplant salad in a bed, well seasoned with autumn humus, and in spring flavored with complex microelement fertilizer. The top layer should be very loose and nutritious, because the roots of the salad are superficial, fragile. The distance between the plants leaves a large, 30-40 cm, because the head of lettuce build up a large rosette of leaves.

    After transplanting for a while I keep seedlings under cover, and then I cover it only when very cold nights. Moderate cool salad is only beneficial. With this method of cultivation in June, excellent crunchy cochunce will form.


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