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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    It seemed to me an interesting design of the hothouse-breadbox. Remember, at one time in every kitchen was a wooden box with a semicircular door?

    So do these greenhouses. Their plus is that there is no need to go inside, which is important for people suffering, for example, pressure. And if you install the structure on a raised bed-box, the advantages that facilitate the work of the summer resident will only increase.

  2. Svetlana LEBEDEVA, Penza

    Many people believe that a polycarbonate greenhouse is eternal, and are very disappointed when it quickly fails. Yes, polycarbonate is a durable material, but it also needs care.
    First, do not use aggressive chemicals during the autumn disinfection. Do not use smoke bombs based on sulfur for fumigation, although such recommendations are often found!

    For polycarbonate greenhouses there are special smoke bombs with thiabendazole. Also, do not use hard scrapers to clean dirt, mold and algae. But you can use a steam generator - a stream of hot steam gently and effectively disinfect joints, corners and other hard-to-reach places.
    In winter, regularly discharge snow from the roof. A half-meter layer of snow with its weight can break not only the sheets of plating, but also the racks. Do not scrape off the frozen snow.
    If there is no possibility to come to the site in winter, then install an additional support frame inside the greenhouse.
    The big problem for the greenhouse is the weather of the end of winter, when the sun shines brightly during the day, and at night there is a frosty frost. During the day, the air inside the greenhouse is heated, the inner layer of polycarbonate is warmed. And at night outside the polycarbonate is strongly cooled, as a result of the heat stresses appear in the sheet. If the roof is also crushed by snow, it can crack. Therefore, try to ventilate the greenhouse to level the temperature inside and out. However, if you happen to be on site rarely, then the door and windows should be tightly closed so that they do not swing with the wind.


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