1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    For the first time I saw a wild chestnut on vacation in Abkhazia, on an excursion in the vicinity of the city of Tkuar-chala. There was a mountain forest nearby, so while everyone was eating barbecue, I went to look for the fruits of the tree. I walk along the path and see ripe chestnuts right under my feet. Na-^g took them in a bag and brought them to the room. In the morning I open my suitcase, and there worms, similar to maggots, crawl right on the hangers! When I recovered from the shock and looked closely at the fruits, I saw small holes in them that were not there yesterday. I had to gather everyone and throw them under a tree together with chestnuts.

    Most likely, these were the larvae of the chestnut weevil. But I still wanted to bring natural souvenirs home. On the day before leaving, I decided to buy edible chestnuts at the market. Well, I think they should be good here. And so I fly home, open my suitcase - and who do I see? Yes, again "maggots". Alas, the fruits had to be thrown away. So I did not manage to appreciate the Abkhazian delicacies. Soon I nevertheless bought chestnuts in my city. Fortunately, this time there were no surprises. And for those who will cook this dish for the first time, I will give advice. Chestnuts must be cut before roasting or roasting or they may explode.


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