1. Natalia VYSTUPETS, Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation, Moscow

    I now have 5 greenhouses on my site - 3 polycarbonate in size Zx6 m and 2 from old window frames in size 2,5 × 6 m.
    In order to quickly prepare greenhouses for planting, I treat them with the same way as with canopy boxes. I fill them with a large layer of hay, then spread the manure or plant residues, scatter ash, crushed egg shell, phosphate-potassium fertilizer. Sometimes I use bird droppings or nettles, which we have a lot of growing around the compost heap.

    Then I spread a layer of hay on top and spilled all the water. In the hay I make grooves, fill in humus and plant seedlings of eggplants and peppers. For the planting of cucumbers, simply pour on the hay ground mound and plant seedlings with 2 real leaves or sow the seeds that have been seeded. Tomatoes mulch hay immediately after transplant.


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