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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    A barrel filled with garden soil, a pole with a wheel from above and a twine in between. Here is a carousel for cucumbers.

    And grow a pole, and cover it with white agril - a tent-shaped mini-greenhouse is ready.


  2. Konstantin Molchanov

    In spring and early summer, plants develop slowly due to the significant difference between day and night temperatures. It is not difficult to solve this problem - it is enough to make a simple portable greenhouse. Let's get started!

    The rectangular base of the greenhouse 1 × 2 m in size is cooked from 4 pieces of reinforcement. The length of 4 handles on the sides is about 15 cm. We weld 3 arc arches from a wire (wire rod) with a diameter of 6-8 mm to the base. The height of the arch is 50 cm. We fasten 3 sticks (6 can be) to the arcs with a thickness of 2 cm (A). Additionally, between the arches (parallel to the wooden struts) we stretch the twine. Tighten the greenhouse with a film. We start the edges for the reinforcement and sew it with twine with a stitch pitch of 5 cm (B). To prevent wind from shaking the film, glue 3 strips of wide transparent adhesive tape (B) across the greenhouse. Through tape, attach the film to the sticks with a stapler.


  3. Boris YUNKOV, Lipetsk

    With approach of autumn, the nights become colder, frosts are possible, capable of destroying greenhouse plants. So you need to be on the alert. I have a few quick and easy ways to heat the hotbeds.
    If they promise a cooling, bring the electric heater briefly into the greenhouse. Put it in the center, and next to it is a fan to disperse heated air throughout the greenhouse.

    You can also use a stove-burzhuyku. To heat it is desirable not coal, because it is a strong heat, and firewood, brushwood.
    In the absence of a furnace, place the outside of the greenhouse on the bricks on the pipe in an inclined position. Under the pipe, light a fire. One end of it should protrude beyond the edge of the fire, and the other should enter the greenhouse. Then the flow of cold air, passing through the pipe, will heat up and heat the plants.
    Install the barrels in the greenhouse and fill them with hot water. If the cooling is not strong, then you can confine yourself to bottles of hot water or a few heated bricks (lay them along the beds).


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