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  1. Galina Pryanishnikova, Kursk

    Action rough this year. completely frozen. But new shoots from the roots have come from the roots, and a good bush has grown over the summer, which, however, did not blossom. Do I need to shelter it for the winter?

    • OOO "Sad"

      The action of the Amur and the action of Lemoine are completely winter-hardy, and the rest, including the rough action, are almost frozen every year to the level of snow. They are quickly restored, but never bloom in the year of freezing: the buds are laid exclusively on the shoots of last year. It is important to keep them. They are hollow inside and when they try to bend them to the ground they easily break. Do this in several ways.

      In early October, bend the shoots so that they do not start to break. When they get used to this position, bend further. So you can put the bush almost to the ground. Symbolic shelter from any concealed material in the 1-2 layer ensures the safety of the bush even in the case of extremely cold winter. Sometimes I do not have time to bend the bush to the ground, then I just throw a piece of polyethylene film on top.

  2. Uliana Fedorova, Sosnovka, Kirov region.

    For the first time I was faced with the fact that the leaves of melissa do not smell. The plant is healthy, strong, and leaves without a characteristic aroma. What could be the problem? Or is it some kind of special sort?


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