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  1. Galina

    I want to see phlox in spring. How to do this?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Cuttings of phlox are usually when their shoots grow to the height of 7-8. See a sharp knife cut the stem - if not with roots, then at least with a heel. I arrange a shoe in a shady place. I prepare the substrate from sand, humus and forest loam (1 2: 2). I dig up a little ash on the bottom of the holes. I deepen the cuttings on 1,5-2, see the distance between them - 25-30 see between the rows - 15-20, see I place low arcs above the school and cover with lugrasil. The land in the aisles and between the phlox mulch straw. For the night I cover the bed with a film. The day after planting, I spray the cuttings with a solution of "Elina".
      Weeks after two, when the "seedlings" will take root, begin to feed, alternating (up to 10 August) "mineral water" and organic.
      The dosage of fertilizers is reduced by half. First I give Kemir Kombi (0,5st./10l of water). Through nedolju I feed with an extract of manure (1 of item / 10 l of water). In the heat, I remove the film.


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