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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Will come to the rescue in the fight against insect pests - whitefly, cabbage whitefly. Protects its neighbors in the area from late blight. Nasturtium will also serve as a good fertilizer for fruit trees: dig the crushed plant into the tree trunk in the fall. Nasturtium seeds are sown in open ground in early May.

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Infusions of its flowers and leaves of nasturtium can be used for colds and chronic bronchitis, kidney diseases, as a diuretic, for chronic fatigue and depression. Apply its juice and to strengthen hair.

    In addition, leaves, buds and seeds of nasturtium are used in cooking due to the spicy bitter taste and pungent aroma. Pickled fruits and seeds are good seasonings for meat, fish and vegetable salads, and they can also be used as a substitute for capers.

  3. Maria Sergeevna Ryabtseva, city of Mihailovka, Volgograd region.

    It's no secret that from the flowers and leaves of nasturtium you can cook various salads and mashed potatoes. She has a very unusual taste. And it is rich in various useful substances - antimicrobial and anti-sclerotic. Vitamin C in it is twice as much as in currant! This is good for everyone, but especially for the elderly, because metabolism is gradually impaired with age. So when we cook such dishes, we put a double portion on our grandmother’s plate! Granny grumbled at first, and then tried it.

  4. Ekaterina Yurievna Akimova, Cherepovets, Vologda region.

    My garden is big, and I begin my examination for pests with nasturtium. Why with her? Yes, it attracts pests, it serves as a kind of beacon.
    If it is there, the aphids will immediately rush to their roses, because they are also at risk. Ask why I will not give up this plant?

    Well, for example, if nasturtiums plant croplands, then pests will eat it up, and vegetables will be bypassed. And I love nasturtium, I sow it every year. And the leaves and flowers are beautiful, and you can lay it down or arrange it vertically. It adorns the garden, makes it somehow more southern.


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