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  1. Ekaterina Obukhova, Ivanovo

    Last year for the first time planted cucumbers. She did everything according to the rules, whether the summer was unsuccessful-cold and rainy, whether the seeds were bad, or whether I had a grief-gardener, but there was almost no crop. The cucumbers that were collected were left empty. Why? How to grow a normal cucumber?

    • OOO "Sad"

      You do not have to scold yourself. Unfortunately, in conditions of risky farming (and you live in this zone), failures sometimes occur even in experienced gardeners-truck farmers. In addition, there may be several reasons for the appearance of voids in cucumbers.

      For example, strong changes in night and day temperatures, irregular watering, high humidity with a high content of nitrogen fertilizers, varietal characteristics and some others. To understand why such a failure has happened to you, from outside, not knowing all the details and details, is difficult. Simply continue to experiment with different varieties and hybrids intended for growing in your area, observe agricultural techniques, regularly remove grown cucumbers, without waiting for the outgrowth - the more often you remove, the more will grow.


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