1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    I plant it in the garden where cabbage grew up before. In no case can you land after potatoes!
    Spring garlic is planted early, while there is still enough moisture in the soil. For planting I take large cloves from the outside of the head - those that are in the center of the bulb are unsuitable for planting. I grow garlic on sunny beds, without the need to water it. The earth is loose. Best neighbors: beets and carrots, can be planted mixed with radishes.
    We pickle the green arrows, it turns out tasty and healthy (we use winter garlic). The arrows turned yellow - it means it's time to dig up
    harvest. Dig carefully, because the damaged bulbs are poorly stored, they are immediately desirable to use. After harvesting, dry garlic in the sun, and if the weather does not allow, then under a canopy.

    And more: garlic does not like to change storage. Once put in storage in one place, transfer to another is undesirable.


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