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  1. Love Petrova, village Chernyanka,

    I don’t eat meat and therefore I grow a lot of peeling beans in the country, because it is rightfully considered its main substitute. My secret to a rich bean crop is to use green manure on a bean bed. In autumn, after the plant debris has been removed from the garden, and the soil has been cultivated, I sow shaggy or winter rye in the place allocated for beans. Density of crops - 100-200 g per 10 m2. I close the seeds with a rake and fill up with sawdust with a layer of about 1 cm. In spring, the friendly seedlings of green manure turn green after the snow has melted, then they must be mowed and sealed in the topsoil. The nutritious soil for the beans is ready!

  2. Tatyana OGNEVA, Ulyanovsk

    I used to grow husked varieties of bush beans to get ripe beans. The most common variety in our area is Gribovskaya. It is unpretentious to temperature changes, its beans are white. I tried to grow a Chocolate Girl with brown beans - it did not work out.

    This variety yields a good harvest only in the hot summer, and we have it is unstable. But I managed to grow a colored bean Swallow and Ruby.
    A few years ago I discovered sugar bush beans, that is, the one that is grown to produce tender pods. Agricultural technology is no more complicated than peeling. She started with the early-ripening Saxa 615 variety. Saxa’s bushes are compact, which is a plus for my small garden. By the end of July, I was harvesting succulent pods.

    Last year, I sowed the middle-aged Purple Queen. She pleased me with purple pods. I conserved them. This year, I raised Panther with yellow pods. They are good for workpieces and for extinguishing.


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