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  1. Sofia Linevich, Kansk

    Tell us what kind of Rondini squash is?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Rondini is a zucchini zucchini that is not cylindrical, but spherical. Green rondinis have a fairly tough skin and are traditionally used for soups, casseroles and stuffing, that is, they require heat treatment. And rondini with yellow fruits are also good fresh, they are suitable for making salads.

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    I read about the round zucchini, which I wrote about and decided to write about my zucchini. I bought a bag of Bulava seeds at the store, sowed - and these are the zucchini grown (see photo). I canned them all in a "fermented" way: cut into slices, added seasonings - garlic, pepper, dill.
    Under the recipe for a three-liter jar you will need 2 art. l. salt, 2 art. l. vinegar, 4 st. l. Sahara.

    Zucchini pour boiling water and leave for three days, after which they are ready to eat.
    If you need to keep it for the winter, drain the brine, boil for 5 minutes, close the cans with nylon covers and put the cooled ones into the cellar. I have cans with carvings, I closed them with old screw caps - they stand well. Zucchini is very tasty, the whole family likes it!
    Elena Tyumen


  3. Elena SNEGOVA, city of Kirov

    This summer, I set a record. Sowed squash seeds harvested for another 7 years ago (accidentally found them in the closet). And what do you think? They showed 100% germination and gave a wonderful harvest. I, naturally, took care of harvesting such seeds from such wonderful specimens for future harvests.
    I note that zucchini always grows far from the pumpkins, otherwise the plants may become dusty, and it is unclear what will come of such seeds. I examined the courgettes, chose the largest fruit and left it until full ripening (for food I often cut very young fruits).

    the main sign that the seeds are ripe is a hard peel. When I waited for this, I cut the zucchini, took out the seeds, cleaned them of pulp (you can’t wash!) And laid them out on a plate lined with paper towels. Napkins changed daily. The dried seeds were harvested before sowing.

  4. Antonina Dmitrievna Elagina, Belev, Tula region.

    I will share the experience of last summer. I planted 5 different varieties of zucchini - with white fruits, and with green, and with yellow. Part - immediately into the ground, part - first to seedlings. Among the varieties were early and mid-early and late. That is, you see, the full variety provided, as it seemed to me then. And at first, the zucchini, which I planted with seedlings, was ahead of their neighbors, sown in the ground.

    My garden with zucchini goes from north to south, and they grew from the north. So, by the middle of summer all the specimens of all varieties were lined up simply by growth, and the highest ones were on the south side. And all this motley brethren was blooming in one day!

    True, the very first fruits ripened after all at the grade of Kavili F 1 but this flowering in one day and the way all of them in the sun lined up, unforgettably! Therefore, I do not think that it is necessary to deal specifically with zucchini seedlings or to select a line of early and late varieties. Everything will be as nature wills.


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