1. Ulyana SVETLOVA, Belgorod region

    Our street can rightly be called Apricot, because every spring it is enveloped by white and pink clouds of flowering apricot trees that grow in every yard.
    Apricot is a southerner, so he should bathe in the sun (especially in the morning). We settled our first seedling in a well-lit area on the south side of the house (the building serves as reliable protection against cold winds).

    For good fruiting for the apricot, the formation of the crown is extremely important. This we did when the tree reached 3-year-old age. We shortened the 2 side shoots on the main branches, leaving 5-centimeter hemp. The next year, shortened the most powerful shoot, leaving 10, see Neighboring branches cut off on 1 / 3. Then they were overgrown with short shoots, on which flower buds began to form. A year later one of the branches was shortened to a branch, and all the rest-again on 1 / 3. As a result of such cutting, the crown gain decreases, and the plant spends the main forces on the formation of fruits (by the way, adult trees can be cut off in the summer immediately after harvesting).


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