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  1. Inna Pikalova

    Twenty cuttings of ginkgo biloba landed in a loose soil at the end of June. By the autumn, only three were rooted, the others withered. Why? How to care for the surviving plants?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Reproduction of ginkgo in this way is a troublesome process. But you are lucky. After all, the percentage of rooting cuttings of this unique plant is small, only 5-12%. If you planted correctly (preferably in a hotbed or on a bed under the film, after having processed the lower sections with "Kornevin", an "air" mix was used from well-sieved river sand and peat -1: 1, regularly watered and sprinkled "seedlings" in hot season) , it is worth waiting a little - perhaps, the roots will appear on 1-2 copies. In general, the period of rooting ginkgo cuttings can reach 1,5-2 years.
      Before hibernation they are covered - completely covered with dry sawdust or oak foliage.
      In addition, you can throw spruce branches on top.
      In the spring, the "blanket" is gradually removed, and the cuttings themselves, when the threat of recurrent frost passes, is transplanted to a sunny place in the open ground (at a distance of 15-20 cm from each other). Care for them is simple: watering, shading from the bright sun, top dressing with complex mineral fertilizer (according to the instructions), weed removal. By autumn, the seedlings, although still rather weak, already have large apical buds. On a permanent place, they can be planted after a year and a half, filling the landing pit with a mixture of garden soil and humus or compost (2: 1). Plants grown from cuttings develop slower than ginkgo seedlings. At least, such dynamics are observed in the first three years of their life. Then the trees quickly gain power, expanding in breadth.

      Mikhail Naumov, the leading agronomist of the Botanical Garden BGSHA, Gorki

  2. Nina Myshkova

    About ginkgo biloba. Is it possible to grow it in a small garden? What place and soil does it prefer? What and when the tree is fed? Tell us about its medicinal properties. Do seeds ripen on ginkgo, and how to multiply this rare plant?


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