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  1. Larisa Vasyunina, Moscow

    I noticed that on some tomatoes in a glass greenhouse, leaves wither. I water the plants every 3-4 days, feed the mullein infusion. Plants bloom, fruits are tied. But withered leaves are confusing. Does this not mean illness?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - Usually, the disease manifests itself in the form of some kind of separate spots, blooms and dots on the stems and leaves. If the yellowing covers the entire leaf evenly, and also the lower leaves gradually turn yellow, this is a normal process. Each leaf has its own lifespan, and over time they die off.
      If this process accelerates, and several leaves turn yellow at once, this is a sign of a lack of light, that is, those leaves that do not have enough light begin to die off. This can be caused by plant thickening. In this case, you need to form plants in one or two stems.

      Important! Leaves that have begun to turn yellow should be removed with a knife or secateurs, leaving no stumps, flush with the stem.

  2. Elena FORSUNOVA, Moscow

    In order for the peppers to grow even and juicy, you need to water them regularly - it is very convenient in this case to use drop watering.

  3. Elena FORSUNOVA, Moscow

    For 2 already, the peppers have been growing steadily, juicy and strong. And all because I installed a system of drip irrigation.
    I used to water peppers twice a week - more often I could not escape to the country. This affected the harvest.

    In hot weather, even if the windows and doors in the greenhouse are open, peppers need a lot of moisture. With its deficiency, flowers fall, pollen dies, pollination may not occur completely, then ugly fruits are formed. It is very important to regularly water peppers during flowering and fruit growth. The fruit first grows in length and breadth, and then begins to form wall thickness. If at any of these stages the plant does not have enough moisture, which means it doesn’t have the strength to grow, it will form a curved side or thin-walled one. So drip irrigation is an outlet for those who cannot come to the garden every day. Just keep in mind that this method of irrigation is relevant for well-drained soils. If the earth is clayey, the drip method will not work, plants can rot due to stagnation of water.


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