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  1. Alla Zhulchina

    Planted in the spring, Karl Foerster's mourning for the summer almost did not grow. Maybe transplant the grain to another place (growing in the penumbra)?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Do not worry, at first this plant grows slowly. Need 2-3 season, so that the mantra has matured. And then for many years she will please you with her grace, without requiring special care. The variety Karl Foerster - high, divergent fan stems to 2,3 m. A strong plant with architectural forms, but at the same time, gracefully sway at the slightest blow of the breeze. It is not necessary to transplant it now for several reasons. First of all, it is a heat-growing grass - vegetates at + 25-35 degree. As in the street October - the plant will not have time to take root until the winter. Molynia is not very demanding on the landing site - it can grow in the sun and in the penumbra. It feels good also in areas with hot summers, if the wet regime is maintained.


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