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  1. Anastasia KUDRINA, Stary Oskol.

    This seemingly simple annual has a mysterious appeal: all summer long and until the frost in the late afternoon or in cloudy weather, gramophone buds open (hence the popular name - "night beauty"). And what a delicious smell they have!

    Mirabilis is completely unpretentious to soil and watering, grows and blooms magnificently in partial shade. I sow large seeds in early May (they sprout perfectly without soaking). To get a continuous row along the entire fence, I maintain a distance of 40 cm from each seed, stepping back 30 cm from the fence. Mirabilis can be used as a screen, covering unsightly areas. I pour wood ash on the eye at the bottom of the furrow and spill it with chicken droppings (1:20) - this feeding will be enough for the whole season. In August-September, oval capsule fruits of almost black color ripen on still flowering bushes. They are hard to find if they fall to the ground. Therefore, I take a wide container, tilt the branch and shake slightly - ripe seeds easily pour from the bracts.

  2. Nelli SUVOROVA, Moscow Region

    I want to create a garden in the Mediterranean style. What do you think, what cultures can be planted to withstand this style?

    How to care for such a garden?

  3. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    I want to create a garden in the Mediterranean style. However, I understand that not all trees and shrubs can grow in our climatic conditions. Neighbor suggested to me that instead of an olive tree, you can use a pear-tree (they are very similar in appearance). This inspired me to look for plant replicas that

    • OOO "Sad"

      Drought-resistant plants grow in the Mediterranean. As a rule, they have narrow leaves, often leathery, so narrow-leaved shrubs and trees will suit your future garden: willow, sea buckthorn, cobweb, cotoneaster, spirea, barberry.
      Biryuchina and cotoneaster, incidentally, perfectly tolerate the haircut, and their topiary forms will give the garden a special charm. It will be appropriate to look silver and sucker-goose (it, by the way, is also called the wild olive tree). Cypresses can be successfully replaced with pyramidal forms of thuja and juniper. From evergreens, it is possible to recommend mahogany deciduous, as well as a ground cover plant - periwinkle. The role of palm trees can be played by castor-oil - an effective plant with leaves resembling palm trees. Kleshchevina does not winter in our climate, but if grown in seedlings, then over the summer it will reach a height of 2 m and will look very impressive.

      The Mediterranean gardens are characterized by the presence of a large number of plants with a spicy aroma. In our conditions, you can sow lavender, lemon balm, mint, sage, basil, thyme, hyssop, oregano, thyme, coriander, lovage.
      In this garden, climbing plants will be quite appropriate: girlish grapes, honeysuckle honeysuckle, climbing roses. In general, the more roses will be in your garden, the better, while it should be preferred varieties with a one-color saturated colors. The company they can make such shrubs, as action and veygel. Not wintering in the middle band of a plant, for example citrus, oleander or boxwood, can be planted in a garden in containers.


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