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  1. Olga Y. Kadochnikova

    Picking up varieties that will withstand our winter cold, I strive to ensure that these plants are also the most beautiful, delicious!

    The favorite of Michurin, the actinidia colomicta itself winters, of course, perfectly. But I’m more interested in its hybrid varieties with larger fruits - 'Kiev Hybrid' and 'Kiev Large-fruited', they preserved the winter hardiness of the original plant (the only thing is to plant them in the place where the wind does not blow).

  2. Veronika SUKHOVELSKAYA, Nizhny Novgorod region

    To actinidia (it is called the northern sister of kiwi fruit), it is important to cut it properly. This is done in October, when it is already quite cool. First of all, let's figure out which groups of branches the liana consists of.

    Vegetative shoots are a kind of plant skeleton. During the growing season, they can grow from 0,5 to 3 m. You can recognize them by the sharp unripe top, which does not have time to lignify and freezes in winter. These parts of the plant must be trimmed.
    Generative vegetative shoots are formed from the growth of the last year. They grow up to 0,6-0,8 m. They need to be trimmed, leaving 30 cm in length. But do not throw these branches of the branches, they are great for propagation.

    Generative, or fruit, shoots are formed on the wood of the current year. They are small. After the end of fruiting, the shoots wither, or thin twigs form on which small fishes will be formed next year. When pruning, you need to remove such branches, if they thicken the crown of the plant.


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