1. Svetlana RYABOVA, Lobnya

    I tried once Romanesco cabbage and fell in love with its nut-creamy taste! I decided that I would certainly grow an unusual vegetable in my country house. That's just the first time I did not succeed. The mistake was that I sowed the seeds for seedlings too late - in May, and this should be done in early April. Otherwise, the plant will not have time to develop normally.

    At 2 year I did not hesitate, and by August I grew huge plants with giant leaves. The height of the bushes was almost from the currant, and the heads were not tied up.
    However, I am persistent, I decided to try again. By that time I had learned that for good growth and head formation, it was necessary to water Romanesco abundantly and feed it, especially with potash fertilizers. I used potassium sulfate. Another important point is moderate heat. This cabbage forms heads when the air temperature is not higher than 18 °. Fortunately for me, that summer was pretty cool, and I still managed to get delicious emerald inflorescences of amazing beauty.


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