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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Diseases lie in wait for plants in the basement. To avoid them, you need to monitor the temperature and humidity there.

  2. Olga PERSEVA, the city of Vologda

    By the end of spring - the beginning of summer, root crops in storage become “cotton”. I want to quickly get a new crop. For this, carrots, beets and parsnips can be sown before winter. Celery and radishes are also suitable for winter sowing. In the spring, cover the beds with them with a film, and fresh vegetables will be on your table a month ahead of schedule.
    The land under crops is fertilized with potassium chloride (15-20 g per 1 sq. M) and superphosphate (15-25 g). Of the organic I would recommend only pereprevshy compost. Will not hurt to make charcoal. Seeds before sowing mix with sand and fill in grooves with depth up to 5 see. To process them it is necessary nothing and to soak too. Early roots are not stored for long. Because ridge with winter vegetables, I advise doing small.


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