The spring sun does not rejoice, perhaps, only those who have freckles because of its rays. Generally freckles on the face look very cute, fervently, but if you absolutely do not like them, then I recommend using bleaching masks.
    • Bean. Boil the beans - you should get 1 coffee cup. Knead it with a fork, add 2-3 tsp. vegetable oil (preferably olive). While the mass is warm, apply it on the face. In 20 minutes. rinse with warm and then cold water.

    • Sick and apple. To rub an apple (it is better without a skin) and a root of a horse-radish. Take both of them equally, mix and apply gruel to problem areas for 15 min. Wash off with warm water.
    • Peroxide. In 2 tbsp. l hydrogen peroxide dilute potato flour to a thick slurry. Put this mass on problem areas and wait until it dries. Rinse with water and lemon juice (1: 1) - it is convenient to do this with a cotton pad, then apply a nourishing cream.


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