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  1. V. Shmulevich, Novosibirsk

    They grew decorative pumpkins, where do they now go? What can I do with them?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Fully ripened and well-dried pumpkins are an inexhaustible source of creative ideas. The interiors of kitchens and verandas will be decorated with caskets, candlesticks, lamps, autumn compositions. Patterns are burned out on them, they are painted, ornaments are cut out, varnished. The decorative pumpkin is removed until the first frost: fruits damaged by frost are not stored. In mature fruits, the stalk is dried, and it is almost impossible to leave scratches on a fully ripened pumpkin.

      Selected rushed succones wash with warm water, wipe, treated with alcohol solution. Fine fruits are usually dried entirely, without removing the core. The flesh is larger, the flesh and seeds are removed, carving a small lid on top, the sides are drilled with a drill, making holes of the right diameters in them.

  2. Andrey BAKHILICH, town of Kostroma

    It’s hard to master the turf. Every year, in spring and autumn, tedious digging with a selection of roots, and weeds all germinate and germinate. But I know a way how to cope with turf easier and faster - in just one summer season.
    For this, in spring it is necessary to remove the layers of turf and turn them upward by roots. Make holes in the turf and plant pumpkin seedlings or zucchini.

    While the weeds "fit", in which direction they grow, the pumpkin cultures already form powerful whips and thick foliage that hammers all other vegetation. In the autumn you will get a harvest of pumpkin with zucchini and a vegetable garden, clean from weeds.


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