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  1. Eleonora Zaikin, town of Smorgon

    I saw the nodding of an unusual plant in the sale - the beziers are elegant. Will it grow in our region? Will the dacha option of leaving - from the weekend to the weekend?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Bessera elegantans (Bessera elegans) - tuberous perennial. For the winter it must be excavated. In regions with mild winter, the plant can be left outdoors. It is desirable to select a place in the garden lutenist (shaded at noon), protected from drafts. If the site is low and the soil is heavy, it is necessary to divert water or at least arrange drainage, and plant the plant on a raised flowerbed. Besser does not tolerate ob-mokania, like most bulbous plants. Before planting, the soil is dug with the addition of mature free-flowing humus or compost soil (0,5 buckets / sq. M). Corms before planting at 30 min. is lowered into a solution of hydrogen peroxide (1 st.l./l of water). Then it is drained, and the bulbs are dried. The interval between the plants on the bed is 20-25, see. After planting, soil and mulch the soil surface with shallow straw, old sawdust or mown grass.
      Besser is required: watering as necessary and in drought, fertilizing - from spring and before flowering complex mineral fertilizer (according to instructions). But this is if the soil was not properly prepared or the area is sandy, food in fertilized loam is usually enough for a season. The plant does not tolerate fresh organic fertilizers. In autumn, after the death of the ground part, the bulbs are transplanted into a pot and moved into the house. You can store them indoors in a perforated bag, covered with dry peat or sawdust.

      Bessera unpretentious - a good option for people who can not devote much time to caring for the plant. Flowering (from the beginning of August almost two months) is magnificent - one bulb can give up to eight peduncles.


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