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  1. Nina Sergeeva

    What is the "old" seedlings? For what and all seedlings need to pinch the tops and roots?

    • OOO "Sad"

      In an old seedling, the stem becomes woody, it becomes rigid. This happens from the drying of the earthy coma or with excessively thickened crops. To correct the situation, the seedlings must be "repolished", saved with biostimulants, light top dressings ("Epin", humates).
      The spine of the seedlings is pricked or torn during picking in those plants for which a bad branching of the root system (ipomeia, cornflower, Iberis, clarke, calendula, etc.) is characteristic. Do this so that the lateral roots develop more actively, with a well-branched root system and the above-ground part of the plant develops better.
      Tops can not pinch all plants. This is not needed, for example, most of the family are complex-colored. They bush begins to branch out after the first major inflorescence has formed. If you pinch it, slow down the development of the bush. And for example, petunia, snapdragon pricked often, so that they hardened more. Especially old varieties that branch out reluctantly. If the plants are planted in a pot, the prickles are mandatory to form a beautiful bush. Almost no need to pinch the lobelia cascade, it is also well branched.
      Natalia ALEKSEEVA, collector, city of Pavlov, Leningrad region.


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