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  1. Oleg MIRNOV, Ulyanovsk

    Earlier, I sowed cabbage for seedlings. However, in the apartment and the light did not have enough seedlings, and the air was dry. The plants were weakened, stretched, often fell ill with a black leg. 5 years ago I tried the seedless method and now I grow cabbage only so.
    In the middle of April I rake the snow on the bed and shed the soil with boiling water.

    I pour a layer of mulch from humus (5-7 cm) on top and set a greenhouse. By the end of April, when the soil warms up, I make holes 15–20 cm deep. I plant cabbage seeds at the bottom of the holes, 2-3 pcs. in each (then I pull out weak sprouts). I cover the crops with halves of the bottles (if these are the lower halves, then make holes in them). It turns out a double shelter - bottles and a greenhouse. As the cabbage grows, I fill the soil into the holes until they are filled.
    When the temperature is set above 0 °, I remove the bottles. A row of rows in the garden is planted with dill, salad, radish, beans.
    As soon as it is warmer than 10 °, I sort the greenhouse. The result is hardened cabbage seedlings with powerful roots and, in addition, a harvest of precocious vegetables and herbs.

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    There are different methods of sowing seeds, the most common are shallow sowing with soil in the soil and sowing in the snow without being grounded.

    Which one is best for home use?

    • OOO "Sad"

      If you use inlaid or tested seeds with a good shelf life, use one of the standard methods of sowing, followed by picking or without it. If you do not plan to dive the plants, sow the seeds sparingly.

      When the first real leaf appears on the seedlings, remove the weaker ones so that the distance between the plants is at least 5 cm.
      When sowing with subsequent picking seeds seed at a distance of 1-1,5 cm from each other. And in the phase of the first real leaf, plant the plants into cells or cups.
      The method of sowing in the snow is used in cases where they are going to sow old (five - six year old) seeds. Cold in this case serves as an “alarm clock”. True, the “pendulum method” works much better. Wrap the seeds in wet gauze, leave them to warm for 6 hours (at least + 22 degrees), then put them in the cold for 6 hours.
      Repeat the procedure until the seeds begin to peck. After that, sow them with the usual method with embedding in the soil.


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