1. Tatyana POLITOVA

    In the middle lane, the end of May is the best time for planting gladioli and tuberous summer blooms: dahlias, cannes, begonias, callas. When planting tubers of tall dahlias, do not forget to immediately establish a support in the hole. If you do not take care of this in time, subsequent attempts to install it can lead to injury to the tubers, which will open the gates of infection and pests.

    Before planting, remove dried small roots, inspect tubers and bulbs for rot, if necessary, strip the damaged areas to a healthy tissue and treat the sections with charcoal or brilliant green. It is advisable to withstand the prepared material before planting in a solution of systemic fungicide (Maxim or others, according to the instructions) or to shed the wells with a one percent solution of copper sulfate.


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