1. Alesya Sokolovskaya

    A few years ago, in April, I planted a small rogersia cut in a shady place in the garden, and now it has turned into an exotic bush resembling a chestnut. It's all about its large, palmate leaves, hence the name of the species - Rogersia horse chestnut.

    I liked this beauty. It does not require special care, I water it only in the heat, during flowering (in July) I treat it with herbal infusions or mullein infusion (1:20). And to keep moisture in the soil longer, I mulch Rogers' legs with wood chips. For the winter I cut it to the root, and in the spring the plant again pleases me with gorgeous foliage.
    Reproduction nuances
    After 3-5 years of living in one place, Rogers can be divided. To do this, in early spring, I dig the whole bush, remove dry or diseased roots, and divide the rhizome itself into two or three parts and process it in a solution of potassium permanganate. Then I immediately plant the delenki in a permanent place. I fill the planting hole with compost (humus) mixed with garden soil - 1: 1.
    Rogersia looks very good on the shore of a pond or a small swamp. Shady rockery is also suitable for her - the embossed green leaves will stand out beautifully against the background of flat gray stones, and in the fall the crown will acquire a luxurious bronze shade.


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