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  1. Oksana Vladimirovna Il'inskaya

    We love young potatoes, and in order to feast on them as soon as possible, we plant early-ripening and mid-early varieties. We remove the first in 50-65 days, the second - in 65-80. Only some two. two and a half months - and we have our own young potatoes on the table. And we eat enough in the summer, and the crop of mid-ripening varieties intended for storage remains intact. Do not try to plant early potatoes as early as possible, because young shoots are very sensitive to frost. It is difficult to name the optimal time for planting, because year after year is not necessary.

    There is one reliable sign. flowering bird cherry - a sure sign that it is time to plant.

  2. Elena SVETLOVA, Tambov region

    Last summer my husband and I stayed with his parents. They live in the countryside, keep pets, and are engaged in a garden and vegetable garden.
    I was surprised at their strange soil. When the downpour passed, the water quickly absorbed into the ground, and even the puddles did not remain.

    The next day it was hot, and a grayish coating appeared on the ground. My father-in-law told me that this is lime - they have calcareous soil. It poorly holds water, fertilizers, so you often have to water the plants, feed them (especially potash fertilizers).
    However, such soil is very easy to dig, because it is almost not caked, as well as sandy. And they have no problems with fertilizers, manure is enough, bird droppings. Basically, they compost it well with straw, and some of it is laid on the beds in the fall. Therefore, they have a vegetable garden full of vegetables. But potatoes are not always successful, because this crop likes weakly acidic and neutral soils, and not alkaline soils. To acidify the soil, once in 2, parents add peat when digging potatoes.

  3. Andrei SUKHOPARIN, city of Izhevsk

    Every year I plant a large field with potatoes, and when I harvest the tops before harvesting, it turns out very much. Some truck farmers simply throw out the tops, but not me!
    If the plants are sick with something, I burn all the dried tops and get ash - a valuable fertilizer. If the potato was healthy, I divide the tops into several parts.
    One part goes for mulching the trunk of plum, cherry and apple.

    These trees have no common diseases with potatoes, so safely lay under them a thick layer
    haulm. It drives away the pests, clogs the weeds, and when it's rotted, it becomes a good fertilizer. The other part of the foliage is sent to compost. I pre-pour it with copper sulfate: 3 st. l. on 10 l of water.
    The third part I use as a remedy for various pests. At 10 L of water I take the tops from 7-8 bushes, crush it and insist for at least half a day. Then I treat fruit trees with infusion. Spraying is carried out at intervals of about a week. So I rid the garden of aphids, caterpillars, mites and fleas.


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