1. Inna Semenovna

    Why is jasmine not blooming?
    Many gardeners rack their brains over why the mock-up, called jasmine, ceases to please lush flowering?
    And the reasons can be very different.
    Firstly, an elementary lack of light. Sometimes close proximity to fruit or stone fruits. Because of this, the mock-maker lacks mineral and organic substances, moisture.
    If it is possible to solve the problem with light, it is also necessary to correctly prune the plant, cut thin thin shoots growing inside, and carry out the main pruning after flowering, cutting off the upper part of the faded shoots and leaving a young lateral growth. Only strongly overgrown, neglected bushes of mock lilies are subjected to strong pruning in March - early April.

    It is necessary to feed with full mineral fertilizer, to loosen the soil around jasmine, to remove weeds, to water well. And the bush should bloom.


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