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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Conducted an experiment to obtain early cucumbers in our area - it is very difficult in a cold climate. Even after repeated spilling of the holes with hot water, the cold returns and destroys the plants. I planted the four tallest cucumbers in large buckets with holes, filling them with soil, like peppers. I put it in a greenhouse. As a result, on June 5, we tried the first cucumbers, which is unusually early for our northern climate in an unheated greenhouse, without shelter.

    The rest of the cucumbers in the garden in the greenhouse this year were also planted not as usual. I didn't dig holes, but only slightly shifted the top layer of the earth and put lumps with roots on its side. Top covered with humus, which was heated in buckets in the sun.

  2. Daria

    Dropper for plants

    To ensure that the cucumbers always had enough moisture, I fasten the plastic bottles with the cut bottom to the trellis. In the caps I put in droppers (I buy the system in the pharmacy). The tip is stuck into the ground near the stem. I choose the average watering speed. And for a long time already has forgotten, that such bitter taste in cucumbers and curve fruit!

  3. Olga

    Four secret health cucumbers
    To the leaves of cucumbers as long as possible remained green, beginning with the end of July, I spray bushes with one of the "tricky" solutions.
    In 10 l of water, I dilute 1 L of milk, 20 g of laundry soap, 30 drops of iodine. I spend processing times in 10 days.
    For the night I soak a loaf of black bread in 10 l of water. In the morning I knead, add 10 ml of iodine, filter. 1 l concentrate dissolve in 10 l of water. Spray the bushes every two weeks.
    0,7 l onion peel pour 10 l water. I bring it to a boil. I insist in a closed capacity of 14 hours. I filter, dilute with water 1: 4. I process the leaves of cucumbers, I pour the remains under the bushes.
    At the first signs of yellowing of the leaves, I sprinkle them with a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate.

    • OOO "Sad"

      Change in the color of cucumber leaves can be caused not only by diseases or improper temperature conditions, but also by the lack of nitrogen, potassium and other nutrients. If you notice the yellowness at the edges - in the soil is not enough potassium, which is simply necessary for plants in the period of fruiting.

      It is desirable to add potash fertilizers throughout the season every 2-3 week according to the instructions. Phosphorus is consumed more slowly, so if you fill the beds, for example, with superphosphate when sowing plant seeds, this nutrient will last for the entire season. The edges of the leaves of cucumbers can brighten due to a lack of copper. In this case, the first to suffer 4-5 leaves, located below the top. In addition, ovaries and flowers will fall apart, and the plants will stop growing. In this case, spray the bushes with a solution of the microelement complex at intervals of 1-2 days, until the balance is restored.
      Elena GORBUNOVA, Cand. Biol. Sciences, Moscow


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