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  1. Gennady KLUSHIN, Samara

    Previously, cucumbers and zucchini planted nearby. Firstly, they like the same conditions: a lot of sun, slightly alkaline soil. Secondly, they have almost the same agricultural technology - fertilizing and watering some, he immediately did this for others. Thirdly, when he collected cucumbers for harvesting and realized that they were not enough, he supplemented them with young zucchini. These vegetables get along well in one jar.

    However, over time, I noticed that zucchini have more powerful roots, and they suppress the development of cucumbers. Now I plant both cultures at some distance from each other.
    Sometimes between cucumbers and zucchini I place beans, peas or onions with garlic. These plants are good neighbors for both those and others. In addition, they relieve cucumbers and squash from many diseases and pests.

  2. Ekaterina HARCHEVKINA, Bryanskaya obl.

    Last year, zucchini were a success for the glory - it was enough for billets, and with relatives to share. To preserve the harvest until the spring, I took only fully ripe fruits of medium size, smooth and smooth, when tapping on which a deaf sound was heard.
    She cut the peduncle with a sharp knife in 3-4 cm from the base of the fruit.
    Not soap, just wiped off the ground with a dry rag and laid for several days to dry in a well ventilated room.

    She kept in closets in the house so that they did not come in contact with each other. Nearby did not keep other vegetables: deducted that zucchini do not like the neighborhood. Thanks to these simple rules the whole family ate favorite vegetables until the very spring.


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