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  1. Vyacheslav

    Cultural blackberries can not grow and give a full crop without shelter for the winter. And although most varieties withstand frost to -23 hail., Flower buds are less frost resistant than vine.

    Winters with long thaws and subsequent severe frosts are especially dangerous for blackberries. Therefore, in the fall, I cut off all the leaves on the trellis on the trellis and remove them from the site, and hide the young shoots that have been bending to the ground throughout the whole season with the onset of a steady cooling. The best “blanket” for the vine is a light breathable spunbond.

  2. anonym

    - One of my favorite berry plants is the blackberry. And if you have not tried modern cultural varieties, start, for example, with Stefan, Triple Crown, Natchez - I assure you, you will not be disappointed!

    The liked variety can be easily multiplied in August - prikopat tops. I choose a healthy one-year shoot, pinch the tip and drop it lightly (about 20 cm). In autumn, only the 1-2 apical buds are well rooted. In the spring of next year (in May), a powerful shoot will appear from the soil to replace a new bush and by the beginning of June will grow by half a meter. At this time I cut it off from the uterus, pinch it, leaving 3-4 kidneys, and I plant it in a permanent place.

  3. Yevgenia NORINA, Yaroslavl

    I planted a blackberry next to raspberries. And now I wondered if I had made a mistake. Are they related cultures? What if they somehow interfere with each other? Maybe it's worth throwing out the blackberry before it's too late? If so, which is better?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Being quite close "relatives", raspberries and blackberries are not competitors for resources. In joint plantings, both raspberries and blackberries feel excellent and bear fruit profusely. Unwanted neighbors like blackberries and raspberries (as well as for joint plantings) are strawberries and strawberries, since they have common diseases and common insect pests. It should be noted that the best neighbor for blackberry raspberry plantings is the apple tree.


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