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    Chinese onion-garlic

    Dear gardeners, please write about the Chinese garlic. Tell us about agricultural practices, about useful, and maybe healing properties. The head is divided into large teeth, planted under the winter, like garlic.


    Our family is very fond of garlic, so I put a lot of it under the winter. But the harvest is difficult to save in the apartment. In the autumn-winter period, he always wanders for me on the balcony, then in the room, then in the fridge. By spring, invariably, most of the denticles begin to germinate.
    I used to throw such teeth. But once I decided to experiment. In April, I dug up a separate patch and planted the remaining teeth, watered, and bloated.

    Leaving was usual. And by the fall, we dug large bulbs, single-tooth - three times larger than the largest clove. Some of them were used for food, and some were planted in the winter. The following year, full heads of garlic were obtained from them, but much more by mass. Now I do not worry much about the safety of this vegetable. I know that in the spring I can plant "non-standard" and get a double crop.


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