1. Tamara

    Last summer and autumn turned out to be extremely rainy, and although the potatoes were ugly, I chose them literally out of the mud. When I dried the tubers, they were like in a shell of clay and earth. So they poured them into the pit for storage.
    As a result, I suffered all winter: it was difficult to wash the potatoes,
    especially if the only comforts at home are cold water. I didn't even want to cook this potato - I cooked anything, but not her. It got to the point that I bought dumplings with potatoes in the store at exorbitant prices. Last summer was better, but during the harvest it rained and history repeated itself. Looking at the pile of dirty potatoes, I thought: shouldn't I wash them all at once? Water in the garden - fill up. Why not? But won't this "bathing" affect storage?
    While I was in thought and doubt, there was one local willing to wash all my potatoes for a small fee in "liquid currency". I gladly agreed, put at his disposal two barrels of water, six sacks of potatoes and a soft brush. Two hours later, the tubers sparkled with purity and were as beautiful as apples.

    I paid off with the employee as agreed, adding a simple snack for the speed. On this and parted. The dried potatoes were placed in the pit and stored surprisingly well there. There was no rot at all! There is only a tiny minus in all this - I cooked clean potatoes often, with soul and pleasure. As a result, she even ate the one that she left for seeds. I had to buy tubers in early March ...


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