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    I will tell you how to make a beautiful garden with unpretentious flowers. Having planted them, I did not spend a lot of time and money, and the result was very pleased!
    One of my favorite flowers has always been and will be tulips. What colors they do not happen! And there are no difficulties with planting at all: in the autumn, planted bulbs - and tulips will bloom in early spring to the delight of everyone. The main thing is to choose a sunny place for planting, where water will not stagnate. Digging bulbs is not necessary, they will grow in one place from year to year. And this, in my opinion, is their main plus.

    I really like crocuses. Those that bloom in spring can also be planted in the fall, like tulips. In general, I am a fan of autumn plantings - they do not take time in the spring, when my head hurts for vegetable crops. Crocuses can be planted both in the sun and in the shade of trees. The only thing you need to take care of when planting is to make the soil easier. If there is too much clay in the area, I advise you to make sand. I plant crocuses to a depth of 5-10 cm at a distance of 10 cm from each other. It’s good to decorate a flower garden or complement a stone garden.
    Of the perennials, Brunner is very good in my garden. This flower can be grown on clay and on loam and partial shade. It refreshes shady corners very much, grows very much under favorable conditions, so I separated a corner in the flower garden for brunners. The main thing is abundant watering so that the leaves do not dry out. Before planting the brunners, I well plowed the soil and cleaned the rhizomes of weeds. It is better to plant with dividers with roots, without deeply digging into the soil. I recommend Brunner to plant in the spring, but it is possible in the fall, only you need to take care of the shelter of the plant for the winter.
    In the garden, I adhere to the main rule - where there is no free space, there are no weeds. Therefore, everything is arranged in such a way that where flowers do not grow, there is a decorative mulch, which prevents weed grass from growing and favorably sets off my flowers.


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