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  1. Zhanna Olegovna SULEYKO, Rostov Region, Semikarakorsk

    peony seed
    Was golden, turned green
    How to grow a tree peony from seeds at home?

    • OOO "Sad"

      For such a peony to settle on a garden plot, you will have to make a lot of effort, especially if you decide to grow it from seeds. Seeds need only freshly harvested. Those seeds that were obtained immediately after opening the "ripened" pods are best suited. They appear in the fall at the place of wilted flowers. The fact that they are ripe indicates a dark brown color. As soon as the pods have reached this stage, they should be carefully opened and black grains removed - these are fairly large-sized seeds that look about the same as coffee beans.

      Immediately carefully examine your "crop." Damaged seeds will have to be discarded. Then take a container, add fine fraction vermiculite into it, moisten it slightly and immerse all the seeds very deeply in the substrate for 30-35 days. Keep the container in a dry, dark and warm place. You can place it on the heating battery or use an electric heating pad for this, in which you can set the specified temperature mode. It is desirable that the seeds germinate during the day at an air temperature of about 30, and at night - 15 degrees. You should also constantly moisten with a spray bottle of vermiculite.
      It is imperative to monitor how seeds develop. As soon as they have small roots, it is time to begin stratification. Pour the mixture of soil with peat and humus into small pots and gently transplant there one by one sunflower seed. During this period it is important to maintain the temperature from 7 to 10 degrees.
      Well, then we wait for the first leaves. As soon as they appear, seedlings should be provided with a temperature regime of about 18-20 degrees. At this time, you also need to moisten the planting, occasionally adding growth stimulants to the solution. Such care is needed until the end of August. At this time, seedlings can be moved to open ground in a permanent place.

  2. Lidia Aleksandrovna BEREZKINA, Perm Region, Krasnovishersk

    For two years in a row in the spring, when peonies begin to grow and buds are tied, the trunks of the plants turn brown and die off - as a result, only a small number of flowers appear. Advise what to do?

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      Diseases - late blight and botritis (gray rot) lead to the death of shoots and leaves of the peony. Phytophthora causes browning and death of the stems and leaves of the peony. The biofungicide “Fitosporin-M” (paste) helps to drive off the infection, it must be used according to the instructions.
      In order to defeat botrys, in the spring (before the shoots grow, after the emergence of sprouts and during the budding period), the pion bushes and the soil around them are sprayed with 1% Bordeaux fluid or 0,5% copper chloride. If necessary, the processing is repeated after 8-10 days.
      In summer, constantly scrutinize the bushes, diseased peony shoots are cut and burned. At the first signs of infection, plants are watered with an 0,1% solution of "Fundazol" (based on 0,5 l per bush).
      In autumn, cut the plant remains and burn the plant and pour into the center of the bush 0,5 l 1% solution "Fundazola."
      When transplanting the pions, cut the affected parts and disinfect the rhizomes for 5 minutes in an 1% solution of copper sulfate.

  3. Vera Ignatyevna CHRAMCHENKO

    I just can not understand why my peonies do not bloom well. Please name the possible reasons for this phenomenon.

    • OOO "Sad"

      Often, the weak flowering of peonies does not come at all from insufficient care, but as a result of improper planting. This happens if an unsuccessful place is chosen - in the shade or in the 8 lowland, with underground water lying close to the surface. It happens that plants refuse to bloom due to the increased acidity of the soil or a serious deficiency of potassium in it. And an excess of nitrogen leads to excessive development of green mass to the detriment of flowering.

      It has a negative effect of a recessed or, on the contrary, too shallow landing. Time also matters - do not postpone landing in October, although some sources allow this.
      Flowering often weakens due to unfavorable weather conditions, especially in the previous year. So, if drought and irrigation were not established during flowering or after it, small flower buds were formed. Dry autumn also does not contribute to abundant flowering, although girlfriend's reason. Under such conditions, the roots of plants are unable to store enough nutrients for their normal development and flowering.
      Peony bloom can be worsened or absent altogether due to viral and fungal diseases, such as leaf blotch, gray mold, rust.

  4. Elena N. VASILYEVA, Ryazan

    Every year the peony bushes, not so old, give less and less flowers. How to determine if it's time to share them and arrange the parts?

    • OOO "Sad"

      The “retirement” age of peonies sometimes comes prematurely due to the fact that fresh soil did not sprinkle under the bush on time. The rhizomes were gradually exposed, and the kidneys of renewal were laid deeper. The root neck testifies to this condition: it becomes hollow, worms, ants, slugs inhabit it. Such plants must be transplanted - for rejuvenation.

      Powerful old peony bushes when digging up with a clod of earth usually spontaneously fall apart into several parts, because in the center of the bush there are many dead roots. Live roots with buds of renewal ("eyes") are placed along the circumference of the bushes, they are used as a planting material.


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