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  1. Stanislav Konstantinovich

    What do raspberries want in autumn

    After the raspberries have given up the entire crop, it is necessary to take care of its bushes.
    I carefully inspect the plants and, noticing spider nests, remove them. This must be done, because aphids overwinter in such "shelters", which in the spring can become a source of danger.
    I also remove all twisted leaves, dry and damaged berries, withered, as well as thin branches with small and yellow foliage. Everything collected, including aphid nests, should not be sent to compost, so as not to inadvertently breed diseases and pests. The most correct thing is to set all this rubbish on fire.
    At this time, I make sure to feed the plants in order to get from them
    next season a decent harvest. Under each raspberry bush I bring 2 tbsp. l. superphosphate and 1 tbsp. l. potassium sulfate.
    At this time, raspberries also require watering. In dry soil, plants can shed their leaves prematurely, and this will stop the growth of the root system, which can further weaken the bushes.

  2. Natalia Nemogay, Moscow Region

    Every year, our raspberries begin to bear fruit only in October. Often, most of the crop simply does not have time to ripen. And in the summer for some reason there is no raspberry ...

    • OOO "Sad"

      - You have remontant raspberries of late fruiting, which I advise you to replace with early ripening remontants.
      For example, I am satisfied with the varieties Heracles and Diamond. Under favorable weather conditions, this raspberry begins to bear fruit from the 25 of July, but no later than the 1 of August. Berries are picked every three days for two months. And to eat raspberries even earlier, plant summer (with a two-year fruiting cycle). On my site, the earliest grade is Kuzmina News. Berries begin to blush from June 25, I harvest the crop until early August. And let the fruits of the variety are not the largest, but incredibly sweet and tasty!
      France KHALILOV, Ph.D. agricultural sciences. Author photo

  3. Olga EMELYANOVA, Associate Professor, Ph.D. agricultural sciences

    Raspberry: autumn planting is better
    During autumn (early October) planting of raspberries, seedlings in the first year take root and develop better, become more powerful than during spring planting.

    Give plants sunny, sheltered from the wind places. In partial shade, young annual shoots are stretched out, obscuring the fruiting stems. As a result, the bushes get sick and the yield is low.
    When choosing neighbors for raspberries, remember that it gets along well with an apple, pear, plum, but keep it away from cherries. Do not plant raspberries close to sea buckthorn and blackcurrant: in all these plants, the roots are in the same layer of soil. Sea buckthorn will gradually survive raspberries from its place. Due to common diseases and pests, raspberries should not be planted next to strawberries. I do not recommend breaking raspberries after tomatoes and potatoes.

    The planting process

    It is more convenient to plant raspberries in furrows with a depth of 30-40 cm at a distance of 0,5-0,7 m from each other. The root neck should be at ground level.
    Before planting, cut the seedlings, leaving 30-40 cm above ground. Dip the roots in a mullein solution. After planting, root buds should not be on the surface of the soil. After watering, mulch the plantings (peat, humus).

  4. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    This season, I was suddenly surprised by the remontant raspberry: the harvest was good, but there were a lot of grown together berries. In the sense of a leg, they had one, but then the fruits began to split apart and even become frustrated, and each “Siamese twin” had its own heart core. What it is? Maybe raspberries began to be reborn?


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