1. Olga SURINOVICH, agronomist, Horki

    Why does the peony turn red leaves
    Most likely, the plant is sick with Fusarium. Dig a bush and inspect it. Cut out all the rotten parts and sprinkle with ash. Divide the peony into separate pieces and transplant to a new place. The size of the planting pit should be at least 60 × 60 cm. Fill it with a mixture of fertile soil and rotted compost (1: 1), it is useful to add 1 tbsp. granular fertilizer AVA. Just do not bring manure! When planting, rhizome deepen by 4-5 cm.
    In general, remember that once every ten years, a peony needs to be rejuvenated.

    With a healthy plant that has begun to bloom poorly, you can do just that: chop off part of it from one side with a strong blow with a sharp shovel. Dig this chopped off part, fill the cut with ash and transplant. Pour a glass of ash into the pit near the old bush and fill it with fertile soil. After a year, repeat the operation on the other side of the mother plant.


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