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  1. Anna Pavlova, Nesvizh

    I grow cucumbers of my favorite variety Rodnichok. Always grown delicious, crispy, fragrant. And this year some thick-skinned. Often came across small cucumbers, but already with a yellowing bottom, as if overripe. What happened to the plants?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - Most likely, the cucumbers lacked nitrogen. I can hardly be mistaken if I assume that you have been growing plants for many years in the same place, which caused such a strong depletion of the soil. Nitrogen deficiency causes a thickening of the skin and yellowing of the bottom in cucumbers. In addition, cucumbers from starving plants are often smaller than the cultivar manufacturer claims, with a hook-like shape and a curved tip. The leaves have a light green color atypical for the season, the lashes grow thin.

      In order to solve the problem right in the season, it was possible to prepare an infusion of herbs. Fill half a bucket with weeds, add water to the top, let stand for a week (stir once a day), then dilute ten times with water and pour a liter of composition under the plants for each. Now, in the fall, it is necessary to add urea to the site - 20 g per 1 sq.m.
      An alternative to fertilization is the cultivation of any bean green manure in this area, followed by embedding in the ground. But then one season will have to be missed and cucumbers will not be grown in this place.
      Another option is to plant legumes (beans, beans) in the garden, harvest, and plant all plant residues in the soil.


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