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    In our family, everyone loves dishes from zucchini very much, so I grow this vegetable in my garden every year. We pick the first young fruits in the first half of June. And in order to get such an early harvest, in the first decade of April, I sow squash for seedlings.
    For planting, I choose early ripening varieties of zucchini, which come into fruition after only 1,5-2 months after the emergence of shoots. I like the early maturing variety Skvorushka, featuring enviable cold and disease resistance. Squash gives excellent results
    quality and fruit well in all weather conditions.
    The ultra-early hybrid Aral F1 is not inferior to it, which stubbornly tolerates return spring cold, bears fruit for a very long time, and its fruits, even when overgrown, do not lose their quality - the peel remains thin, and the flesh is soft and juicy.
    In order for the seeds to sprout faster and give strong shoots, before planting, disinfect them in a strong solution of potassium permanganate, and then spread them on a cotton rag, which I wet in a solution of boric acid. I prepare it from 1 l of warm water and powder taken at the tip of a knife. The seeds, wrapped in a rag and a plastic bag, stand in a warm place until glued, ventilated from time to time.
    When the roots seem to be on the seeds, I start planting right away. Seeds are planted immediately in separate plastic glasses filled with loose fertile soil and spilled with water. Seeds sunk seeds on 3-4 cm and cover the glasses with cling film.
    After the appearance of the eyelets of the seedlings, I remove the film and expose the seedlings to the window overlooking the south side. Despite the fact that in April the daylight is already quite long, the seedlings on the window still lack this. Therefore, be sure to send out seedlings in the mornings and evenings with a fluorescent lamp, and in cloudy weather I leave it turned on for a whole day.
    The seedlings for the period of being at home are fed twice with liquid fertilizer “Ideal” according to the instructions.
    I spend the first top dressing a week after emergence, the second - 10-12 days after the first.
    I never sprinkle seedlings with cold water from under the tap, for this I use only distilled water of room temperature.

    Gentle roots of zucchini with a lack of moisture die off, and with its excess rot, therefore I water them regularly, but moderately, trying to keep the soil in a slightly damp state all the time.
    I regularly ventilate the room where I grow seedlings of zucchini and try to maintain the optimum temperature for this culture - 23-25 ​​° C.
    When favorable weather is established outside the window, I proceed to tempering the zucchini, bringing them outside. In the first days I give them a “walk” 1,5-2 hours, and then gradually increase the length of time and eventually leave to sleep in the open air.
    The weather conditions of our region allow planting seedlings in open ground in the first decade of May, so I usually start transplanting at the May holidays.
    I prepare the beds in advance, and I place the wells on it at a distance of 50-60 cm from each other. I plant a seedling by the method of transshipment, carefully removing an earthy clod entangled in roots from the glasses.


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