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  1. Sergey ANDREEV

    In August, I cut the lawn every 7-10 days (depending on the speed of grass regrowth). At the same time, I do not feed the green carpet with anything, but only water it moderately. Do they really say that the best time to start a new lawn is also the end of summer? The seeds will quickly sprout in warm soil, and the seedlings will have time to get stronger by winter.

    • OOO "Sad"

      If you plan to sow the lawn, then the optimal time for sowing cereal grasses is from August 10 to 25. At the same time, you can also lay out the already finished roll lawn (up to the moment when the average daily temperature drops to +7 degrees).
      To make the grass grow and develop faster, after rain or watering, feed the sown lawn with superphosphate (40-60 g / m25) and potassium superphosphate (30-XNUMX g / kbja).

      Irina Gurieva

  2. Olesya GLEBOVA, Kursk.

    I think every summer resident dreams of a lawn that does not need to be mowed all the time. After all, there are enough worries in the flower garden. An ideal option for landscaping the site is subulate bryozoan (Irish moss). This perennial plant is similar to moss. The leaves are small, needle-like. In summer, during flowering, tiny white flowers appear with a subtle pleasant smell.

    I have bryozoans of the varieties Lime Moss (with yellow leaves) and Green Moss (with emerald foliage) growing on my site. They complement my rockery perfectly.
    For reproduction in the first half of September, I cut off a piece of turf with a sharp knife and transplant it into pre-prepared pits about 15 cm deep at a distance of 20-40 cm. The branchy creeping stems of Irish moss take root easily.

  3. Olesya GLEBOVA, the city of Kursk

    Bryozhenko - an option for the lawn
    Irish moss (bryozoan styloid) is a groundcover perennial plant similar to moss. The leaves are small, needle-shaped. During the flowering period (in summer), tiny little white flowers with a pleasant smell appear. The bryozoans have an amazing feature: to form a thick carpet, one must walk on it. A great option for a lawn that doesn't need to be mowed! I have plants of varieties Lime Moss (with yellow leaves) and Green Moss (with emerald foliage), which I planted in the rockery. For breeding, in the first half of September I cut a piece of turf with a knife and transplant it into pre-prepared pits with a depth of about 15 cm at a distance of 20-DO cm. Branched creeping stems are easily rooted.

  4. Elena Vurs

    4 step to the perfect lawn

    There were bald spots on the lawn? Seeding will help to correct the situation.
    And the best time for this is the first half of June. But do not be in a hurry: if you sowed your lawn with rhizomatous grasses (bluegrass, field leaves, most forms of red fescue), then you don’t need to do anything at all - the bare spots will gradually overgrow with new shoots. A lawn of densely cultivar varieties (sheep fescue) cannot be dispensed with without additional sowing. It is advisable to use grass mixture of the same composition that was sown earlier.



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