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  1. Olga Rybakova, Simferopol

    A blue spruce disappears in my area - the needles are brown, dry, die off ... Why did it happen?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - Most likely, your tree is affected by a fungus shute. The problem could arise due to stagnation of water in the spring or due to the fact that the spruce grows in a shaded place. Maybe she is too crowded next to other trees. What can be done to save the coniferous plant?
      Take away all the fallen needles.
      Treat with Topsin-M (60 g per 10 L of water), Bayleton (20 g per 10 L of water), Fundazol (60 g per 10 L of water) or Bordeaux liquid (100 g per 10 L of water).
      In the next season, in early spring, shade the tree from the bright sun.
      At the end of May, June, repeat treatment with one of the above drugs. Spraying with fungicides is especially important in the middle of summer, when spores begin to ripen. In this case, do not forget to constantly remove fallen needles - this is a source of infection.
      If there are still conifers on the site, spray them as a preventative measure.
      In June and July, feed the spruce with special fertilizer for conifers.
      If the development of the disease does not stop, it is better to remove the spruce from the site.

  2. Alexandra CHELIADNIKOVA

    Fir-trees from cuttings grew

    I have two gorgeous blue spruces growing in front of my house that I have grown from cuttings. I prepared them in early May in cloudy weather in the morning. With a sharp movement of the hand down, tore off branches of length 6-10 cm with part of the bark and wood (from the middle part of the crown). “Heel” slightly cleared with a knife (it is important that the bark on the “heel” is not separated).

    From the bottom of the branches removed the needles. Cuttings on the day put in a solution Kornevin. Then she landed on a prepared place with a nutrient mixture (sand, humus, leaf earth - all in equal parts) obliquely to a depth of 5-6, see.
    Transplanted to a permanent place a year later in April.

  3. Ekaterina Anatolyevna

    If you decide to save space for garden strawberries, build a three-story "skyscraper".

    To do this, knock together a box of planks, which is placed on a suitable site and filled with earth. They put another frame of a smaller size on it, and then arrange the third tier. In order for the boards to last longer, they must be soaked with a solution of ferrous sulfate and painted, and from the inside covered with plastic wrap.
    In such a berry "house" you can plant strawberry whiskers. The plants are enough for the sun and the air, and ripe berries will be clearly visible.


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