1. Lyubov SMIRNOVA, St. Petersburg.

    I appreciate Bacopa (or the spreading suther) for a beautiful cascade of constantly flowering shoots and the ability to self-clean from wilted flowers.

    It is just the perfect plant for hanging baskets!
    I grew a bacopa from seeds that I planted at the end of February in a container with light soil, without deepening. I covered it with a transparent film and put it on the window sill of the battery. Daily ventilated and moistened crops. With the advent of the first pair of true leaflets, the seedlings drank into cups. And when long shoots formed on the seedlings, I began to pinch them.
    TIP: At the end of winter, the bush loses its decorativeness, so it is better to use it for cuttings. Cuttings cut in February and March easily root in the sand.
    On the May holidays, I “settled” it in containers and left the transplants for a permanent place in the greenhouse, slightly covering it with lutrasil.
    In the summer I keep flowerpots with bacopa in the sun (there will not be plentiful flowering in the shade).
    Twice a month I feed with a solution of complex mineral fertilizers (according to instructions).
    In autumn, when I get cold, I transfer the bacop in the container to a room with a temperature of + 8 ... + 15 degrees. Watering sparingly, sometimes spraying.


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