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  1. N. A. Krivosha

    Planted cucumbers of one variety in two stages: some in May, others in June, to be longer with vegetables. The first garden pleased with an excellent harvest, and on the second the cucumbers actively bloomed, but there were very few ovaries.
    What is it?

    • OOO "Sad"

      The fact is that cucumber plants react strongly to the length of the day. A short day, low light intensity and low temperatures (sowing cucumber in early May) are favorable for the formation of female flowers. Conversely, a long day with high temperatures and solar insolation (planting cucumber in June) promotes the formation of male flowers. In this situation, measures must be taken: in particular, in the 4-5 leaves stage, pinch the tip of the main shoot to stimulate the growth of the stems from the buds in the sinuses.

      For sowing at a later date it is necessary to use hybrid cucumber seeds, in which female flowers predominate.


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