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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Beet root crops grew with white veins, and on the bag with seeds it was indicated that the vegetables should all be saturated burgundy. What happened
    Ekaterina Ruzhanova, Smorgon

    • OOO "Sad"

      - This happens if root crops do not have enough potassium, with an excess of nitrogen and scarce watering.
      To prevent this from happening in the future, as soon as the shoots appear, water the beet beds at the rate of 10 l of water per 1 sq.m of plantings once a week. After a month, double the volume of the poured liquid. Stop 15 days before harvesting.
      In the phase of the five true leaves, feed the beets with a solution of boric acid (5 g per 10 l of water per 1 sq. Beds). And after two weeks, pour the infusion of mullein (1: 10) at the rate of 10 l fertilizer on 3-4 linear meters of landings. During the formation of root crops, dilute in a bucket of water of 10 g potassium sulfate and water-soluble superphosphate, water the bed at the rate of 150-200 ml of composition for each plant. A week after top dressing, empty the ground with wood ash (150 g per 1 sq.m).

  2. O. Pichuzhkina Moscow region

    Last year, the beets grew shallow, with a large number of small roots. What could be the reason?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Most varieties of seeds (glomeruli) contain from 2 to 7 single-seeded fruitlets. Germinating, each of them gives life to a new plant. The “extras” have to be transplanted (beet, unlike carrots, survives well after transplantation and gives an excellent harvest).

      In your case, the reason for getting ugly root crops, most likely, was a sloppy picking of seedlings. Severe damage to the root root or planting seedlings with a "twisted" root leads to the formation of deformed root crops covered with many small roots. Perhaps the breakthrough was carried out too late: when the plants form several real leaves, it is impossible to transplant them without damaging the main root. You can completely get rid of the breakthrough by planting beets of the Odno– Rostov variety. However, it is inferior in taste to most varieties of beetroot seedlings.
      I. Shabalina, agronomist


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