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    Last summer gave us a lot of surprises with the vagaries of the weather - a long spring with frosts until mid-June, which changed sharply to heat up to 30 degrees (Vyatka region), and this made it difficult to tie tomatoes.
    So, for better pollination, it was necessary to shake up the bushes early in the morning, while it was not hot, and also to use other means such as the Ovary.
    It took a long time to wait for the planting of seedlings on the greenhouse bed because of the cold weather, and the seedlings have greatly overgrown. But I always plant in the hole 2 seedling reclining, roots in different directions, at a distance 10-15 see from each other. This method requires, of course, in 2, more than one seedling, but I grow it myself from my varietal seeds, and for me it is not expensive, as I advise everyone to do.

    Last year I experienced pink varietal tomatoes, their taste is usually excellent, and they did not disappoint me — they showed good yields (see photo above). I was particularly pleased with varieties such as Minusinsk Pink and Sugar, Adorable, Grandma's Secret, Dacosta, Pink Giant.
    Seeds are always planted without soaking - seedlings appear faster than soaked.
    Planting on a greenhouse in the 2 row in a staggered pattern through 60. See. I constantly loosen the soil between the bushes and water only at the root.
    Fertilizing produce "mash". This is an infusion of grass, ash, yeast, bread crusts (1 l per bucket of water). I add humus or compost to the soil, but not fresh manure (heal).
    From phytophthora I use garlic infusion (sometimes HOM).
    I wish everyone great harvests!


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