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  1. Raisa

    Do I need to trample snow under trees in the garden in winter? Once the answer was unambiguously positive.
    And now on the Internet I read completely opposite opinions of experts. Who to believe?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - Previously, they really believed that snow should be trampled down.

      First, it was believed that dense snow cover would retain more heat.
      Secondly, it is difficult for mice to lay their moves in compressed snow, so they cannot damage the bark of trees.
      Thirdly, the dense snow layer melts more slowly in the spring - and the soil under the plants remains wet longer.
      Recently, ideas about this agrotechnical technique have changed somewhat. It turns out that the denser the snow, the lower its heat-insulating properties, which means that the earth and plant roots are less protected from freezing. Under a dense layer of snow, aeration of the soil is reduced, which leads to the bark of the trees growing brown.
      If you stomp the snow, then only around the trunk and with a diameter of not more than 0,5 m.
      The youngest and most vulnerable roots are outside the projection of the tree’s crown; therefore, it is better not to trample the snow there and even more so not to remove it from there.
      By the way, trample the snow, too, must be correct.
      And it’s better to do it during the thaw, when it is damp and completely crushed.
      In addition, the wet and trampled snow layer after a sharp cooling freezes so much that it becomes a truly insurmountable obstacle for mice.

      Alexander Gorny


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