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  1. Margarita Artemievna VINOGRADOVA, Nizhny Novgorod

    I soak the seeds of peppers on February 15, and tomatoes - high varieties on February 25, low on March 5. As always: potassium permanganate, washing, in wet rags on saucers, in cellophane and in a warm place. I planted stooped. I plant 3 peppers. in plastic 200-gram cups (one in the other, the top cup with holes in the bottom).

    I don’t dive peppers. When the seedlings grow to true leaves, pluck out one weak and leave 2 pcs. out of three. I plant in the greenhouse after May 10, when the earth warms up, just as it is, without sharing, 2 pcs. in one hole. I have only 9 holes, which means -18 peppers.

    Dive tomatoes 1 pc. also after the appearance of these leaves. For pickling tomato seedlings, I use plastic dairy bottles closed by lids. With a thick, heated awl I make 5 holes in the lid, cut the bottle across in half deeply
    which upper groove. I turn the top of the bottle with the cap with its neck down to the bottom of the bottle. I fill the upper conical part with a lid with soil and plant 1 seedling in it. Thus, when watering, excess water gets into the bottom of the bottle. I write the grade designation on a strip of paper and insert it between the walls.
    Of course, to grow strong seedlings without the sun is almost impossible. I have a glazed balcony overlooking the sunny side. But all the same, first, while it’s cold at night, you have to transfer the seedlings to the apartment and back to the balcony and highlight, because daylight for growing seedlings should be at least 12 hours. Planted in the greenhouse on May 5. With return frosts, I temporarily put low arcs and cover with a spanbond. For transportation, it is convenient to use drawers 10 cm high, in which 12 pieces are placed. tomatoes.

  2. Irina KUDRINA, Voronezh

    The key to a decent harvest of bell pepper is strong seedlings - I grow it every season on my own. I count on the timing of sowing seeds for seedlings in such a way as to plant plants in the soil at the age of 55-60 days, but not render them a disservice: the threat of return frosts must completely pass.
    For planting, I select early and mid-ripening varieties and in mid-March I proceed to sowing seeds for seedlings.

    I seed 0,5 hours in a strong potassium permanganate solution, stirring occasionally, and then rinse with a strainer under running water. I spread the disinfected seeds on a cotton cloth moistened with a solution of complex organic mineral fertilizer, put it in a bag and keep it at 24-26 °, not forgetting to air it every day.
    The seeds that have bent over are planted with tweezers in separate glasses filled with purchased solanaceous soil mixtures, deepened by 1 cm. Before emergence, I leave the container warm under the film. I keep seedlings the first week after germination at 14-16 °, then - at 21-23 °. Seedlings are regularly watered, fed and lightened in the mornings and evenings. A couple of weeks before planting, I begin to temper the plants on the balcony.
    Reinforced seedlings are planted on a bed that has been fertilized since autumn in the middle of May with a pitch of 40 cm, neatly handling from glasses.

    Pepper seedlings - my tips and secrets. Reviews of the best varieties of peppers

  3. I. Tumarzhevskaya Leningrad Region

    When to pinch seedlings of pepper?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Pepper is perfectly formed independently. The death of a growth point (due to a natural cause or due to pinching) awakens sleeping buds in the axils of the leaves. The plant is covered with lush growth of stepchildren, actively grows leaves ... and now the summer is ending. He has no time left for the harvest.

      Pepper does not need to pinch the growth point, this will greatly delay fruiting. But to remove the very first, crown flower, which is often formed in the first fork even before landing in the ground, it is desirable. All stepchildren are cut off from plants - shoots that form below the first fork. Yes, they may also have buds, but they will take a lot of energy from the plant, and they will not give good fruits. The main crop of pepper, up to 10-15 fruits, is formed on 2-3 main branches.


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